The professional team

In 1994, Carey Duncan worked alone on her projects. During later years, the number of commissions increased considerably in number and in complexity as clients began to appreciate the value of a landscape architect so the team grew as a result. The office currently employs 4 landscape designers and engineers in addition to Ms. Duncan. With administrative and support staff, the office now comprises 9 people.

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Carey Duncan

Professional memberships
Professional experience

Masters in Landscape Architecture, Cornell, USA, 1990
Masters in Regional Planning, Cornell 1990, USA, 1990
BSc (TRP), University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 1985

Pr LArch (SACLAP), N° 20381

RTPI, Royal Town Planning Institute, United Kingdom, N° 31057

President IFLA Africa (International Federation of Landscape Architects (2017-2021)

Treasurer, IFLA Africa (2014-2017)

AAPM (Association des Architectes-Paysagistes du Maroc), founding member and General Secretary 2012-2017

Creation of Carey Duncan Design 1994

Landscape Architect, Architect and Planning Office, Mustapha Belefqui, 1992

Landscape Architect-Town and Regional Planner in Johannesburg 1990-1991 for MGC

Landscape Consultants and Barbara Quilliam, Town and Regional Planner.

Town and Regional Planner, Johannesburg City Council, 1986